2-18-2024 NEWS report // Colorado lawmakers to introduce funeral home industry regulation bills:
Republican Representative Matt Soper said one of the bills would make state history in requiring those who work in the funeral home industry to have a license. Read more at 9news.

Caution (Jan 7, 2024): Recent reports from Funeral Directors in Georgia warn about a new scam targeting grieving families. Scammers are posing as funeral home employees, soliciting payments for services. Please exercise vigilance and refrain from sharing information or making payments without verifying the source and legitimacy of the request.

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Some of the research in the Red Book is available to the general public.  The community-oriented funeral homes and funeral directors recommended that we provide direct assistance to the general public to ensure a higher quality of service to families.

Note: Access to the Funeral B2B space is available to funeral directors and funeral suppliers through an RB Agent.  There are many benefits to using the latest information.  Make sure you are using the latest version with the latest updates.  The B2B funeral market changes quickly.

The Red Book App (RB App), released December 2017, representing the b2b business relationships, is available on Android Google Play, Microsoft Store, & Apple App Store.  Search for Red Book Funeral & install.  You will need your account credentials and authorized access to the Funeral B2B marketplace provided by a Red Book Agent.  If you need to set up your account for access, contact us to have an RB Agent contact you.

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The information in Funeral B2B is continually updated through physical visits by RB Agents, U.S. mail, phone, email, Internet, text, and fax communication. Utilizing all forms of communication provides a platform for success.

Red Book compiles specific details that benefit funeral businesses and the families they serve.

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The Red Book Online Funeral Home Directory (and/or Mortuary Directory) provides a complete list of licensed mortuary and funeral home establishments that work with the general public or consumer.  Funeral homes that specifically work in the funeral b2b market may not be shown as they do not work directly with the families or consumers.

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